The Jurassic Coast - June 2017

The sun is shining gloriously up above and the waves are rolling in and out upon the pebbled beach making the most hypnotic soundtrack.

The name is slightly misleading as there is not a T-Rex in sight, not even a velociraptor; possibly a good thing as I would imagine they could make quite a mess of our lovely cream teas!

This is a very different coastline compared with the North Coast of Cornwall for example and although a Londoner in my bones, I have a sneaking suspicion that my heart may indeed belong to the South West Coast Path.
I love how the character changes along the way, from county to county and even from bay to bay

It is part of the world I am drawn to and visit two or three times a year, every year -for almost my entire 33yrs!
I have even lived here at one point (well, Cornwall that is)

This trip has focused more on photography than writing I must admit, but it has been far to long since I have taken my camera on an adventure; feeling a little rusty to begin with but my eye is in -mostly!)

I prefer shooting on old film cameras and I am very lucky to have inherited my Father’s Leica, Hasselblad & Nikon. On this trip however, I have brought my own digital Nikon as I am out of practice and shooting on the go.

I can not recommend more strongly in taking a proper film camera and thinking carefully about the roll of 36 frames, 1 chance to take 36 great photos rather than the incessant camera phone snapping 1,000times to take perhaps 3 good photos which need instafiltering.
Choose your light, choose your frame, put the viewfinder to your eye, be slow, be steady, inhale, hold and shoot, then exhale before lowering the camera from your eye… Nothing compares to the sound of a real shutter click.