A call to arms!

So, you may have been told at school that art is not a ‘valuable’ subject,that is it just for fun but will not help you in the future.This is because school subjects are wrongly thought of as both separate and that some are more important than others.Maths, English & Science are king, History, RE & Geography are next and last come The Arts: Painting, Drama, Music, PE & Technology. Well, here is a secret …that is absolute hogwash!Firstly, if art is so trivial, then why do paintings sell for millions and why do we fill prestigious galleries around the world with every kind of art? Secondly, and this is more important : art is entwined with everything!Think about how art has been used through our whole history for religious or political expression, it is studied as a record of history and culture, it is in itself a science (the mixing of paint, the technique of pottery or porcelain, photography) it is mathematical (the perspective and dimensions and it is business. Art is everything, it is open to everyone and it can express anything; this makes art dangerous - and why I encourage every one of you reading this to run to your nearest art supply shop and choose your weapon ;)