Sid : Sid – The Yellow Duck Stories

Sid is a duck with one foot in the loud electric arena of Punk Rock and another somewhere far off into the intergalactic future. He is the best friend you want beside you on any adventure whether you are racing down a hill on a homemade go-kart (helmets on!) or talking till the sun comes up in a make-shift tent on the beach before going surfing at dawn.

Sid works as a carpenter and artist in his workshop in Bethnal Green. He loves being outdoors come rain or shine.

- His favourite band are The Ramones and his favourite film is Jurassic Park.

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Pru : The adventures of Pru Cat

Although born to the high life and surrounded by gilded meaningless luxuries, Pru saw that she had to escape to the seaside in order to create a life of true value. With her best friend Sam in tow, she spends her days painting, sculpting, collecting treasures and making art. There is no problem Pru can not fix and no worry she can not remedy. With the supernatural instincts of a cat combined with and organic down-to-earth bohemian lifestyle, this confident clever feline finds away to make everything fabulous.

- Her favourite place is any cliff top or harbour in Cornwall and her favourite book is A Midsummer’s Nights Dream by William Shakespeare

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Mulberry : My home is your home

Mulberry has no time for loud busy places with loud fussy people, her soul craves the silence of a meadow or the stillness of a woodland. She works hard on her homestead to grow all the food she needs, to chop wood for the fire and to make and mend all her clothes. A yoga-loving free spirit, Mulberry prefers the company of wild animals and the freedom of living in the wide open countryside.

- Her favourite fruit is a cherry and her favourite flower is a daisy.

#introverted #organic #self-sufficient #eco #zen #earthchild #nature #noKXL #noDAPL

Sarah : Spooky Sarah Spiderlegs

At 6 & 3/4 there are not many children who can tell you when the Mongols ruled China let alone explain in detail why Ivan The Terrible was not ACTUALLY as bad as Vlad The Impaler. Sarah is as cute as any little girl next door but in a world of pink princesses, she is Wednesday Addams. Fearless and independent, Sarah is in the front seat for the ghost-train ride of her gothic wonderland.

- Her favourite period in history is Ancient Egypt and her hero is Guy Fawkes.   

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Jamie is everything beautiful in this world. Beauty, not in the superficial sense but as in ageless and imperative. Laying in the park drinking iced tea whilst sketching the world as it passes by Jaime love every delicious day and believes every day should be a lived to its most fabulousness. Dressed like they fell in to a vintage dressing-up box or wearing a  fluffy dinosaur playsuit, Jamie remains unaffected by the digital world and has a pure heart and a hungry mind. Always in search of something fun or something meaningful or something to electrify the attention, Jamie is high-octane expression one moment and lost in a book for days the next.

- Jamie’s favourite food is peanut butter & jam sandwich and favourite smell is fallen rain

#extroverted #genderneutral #dynamic #lustforlife #adorned #allaboutthedetails #lifeisart

Hemingway : Air Sea Rescue – Seagull Squadron

As seagulls go, Hemingway is pretty complex. He is often quite lonely and lost without ‘his people’ but he enjoys the surf lifestyle and parties like only a radical beach-bum can. Deep within him he hides not only a longing to be part of something but also a skills set unlike other birds. He has been highly trained in Air Sea Rescue as part of a squadron originally formed during World War II, fast-forward 70yrs and his seagull-senses are stronger than his ancestors and he knows exactly when help is needed. From eyeing up leftover pizza to spotting a life in danger, Hemingway is faster than a streak of lightening to the scene.

- His favourite season is summer and his favourite ice-cream flavour is triple toffee/honeycomb/cookie sprinkles.

#surfsup #beachbum #cowabunga #misunderstood #outsider #brave #logical #heroic

Elise : Take the lead, Princess Elise

Just because Elise is a Princess and heir to the throne of a grand kingdom it does not mean that she does not have her own talents and dreams. More than anything, Princess Elise loves to dance. Her shoes are worn through in twice as much time as another persons may be. She uses her dancing to cheer people up or make them feel welcome in the palace as well as express herself and be free. Knowing that with responsibilities there may come sacrifices Elise thinks on her feet and finds a way to remain true to herself and also find her true love. She is the walking talking dancing personification of grace, respect & empowerment.

- Her favourite song ‘We don’t need another hero’ by Tina Turner is and her favourite animal is a Jaguar.

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