Cambridge, England - June 2017

So, I have been left to my own devices in Cambridge. This means I am guaranteed to i) Find a vegan cafe ii) Disappear for hours in bookshops iii) Sit by the river talking to ducks.

Check. Check. Check.

Away from the ‘picture book’ sections which I usually pursue in unequal parts hope (Emily Gravett, you make me SO happy!) and disappointment (you will remain nameless but you know the children deserve better!) searching for something of substance and magic I had drifted over to the ‘young readers’ sections where there seemed to be incredible choices on disply!
As well as many awesome offerings by the familiar ‘prestigious’ authors (Neil Gaimen, JK Rowling et al) there were also plenty of fantastically well imagined books on myths, history, intrigue and subjects of genuine self-expression! I felt I was rather restrained in only purchasing 6 new books…!

As a side note, I take it to be an exceptionally positive sign to see so many books on witches -and not green ugly hags with pointy noses who eat children, but as empowered [men &] women who as characters inspire children to match intention with action and forge their own path.

I think I still may be the only author who is actually a real-life witch however! Seriously.