Cornwall - August 2017 : Part ii

My mind is officially blown!
My beloved Mr and I signed up for an art class on the beach.

In all honesty, it was just for fun, imagining it to be a little silly and touristy but good fun.

What happened today blew me away; I believe the correct phrase is that I got schooled -literally!

Dressed in over-sized blue overalls with folding chairs and canvas in hand we were led onto the beach. Expecting a paint-by-numbers intro and being left to our own devices to play, we were instead given a half hour tutorial that could have given any TEDtalk a run for its money.

Part philosophy and part psychology, our wonderful teacher first undid all the codswallop that had been instilled in us since primary school (FYI sand is not yellow and never has been!) and then the damage done in secondary school (there was always one person at some point who told us we were no good at art and we believed them)
Next she taught us the fundamental techniques of how to mix paint, choose colors, load the brush, check our visual layers/dimensions/perspectives, even sit and hold the brush and finally how to paint what we see not what we expect to see.

Under her instruction, putting paint to canvas felt liberating, as if the bondage of ‘education’ had finally been undone. 
As you can see, with just half an hour under the right teacher, you can produce something you never imagined.
Just think what we are all capable of if we shut out the negative voices and just get on with it?

Don’t believe me? Try for yourself.