Cornwall - August 2017 : Part i

There are certain smells which are inextricably bound to certain situations and moment.

I awake this morning to the smell of damp undergrowth.

It smells different to when you just walk passed en route somewhere else,

it smells different because I am at the same level; it currently surrounds me.

Tall damp grasses, wildflowers and weeds.

Mix this with the sea air blowing in from an open ocean.

There are no impurities the scent such as fish & chips or candy floss as I am on a clifftop with nothing but the wild jagged rocks and the sea.

Another smell is damp canvas and rubber. Yes, we are wild camping!

My favourite smell in the whole world at the moment though is the smell of tea brewing in the outdoors; it is the finest perfume!

The view before me is what my soul has been aching for since I was last here 12months ago.
Tingle is a place of magic, both real and imagined, and I wake up to look over the ancient coastline breathing in deep lungfuls of enchanted air.

I can easily imagine what my characters would do if they were here now

-how Sid would feel or what Pru would be thinking

…maybe I shall go and make some adventures on their behalf.

The rain is driving down upon us now but that won’t stop me,

that only adds to the storyline!