New York, USA - June 2017

Ah! New York in the summer! Man, it is hot!!
The last time I was here, this city was piled high with snow and experiencing the coldest winter in 60yrs; I was stood on The Top of The Rock in -26’ wearing almost the entire contents of my suitcase at once!
On that trip I also began ‘My Home is Your Home” on the back of a napkin in a very posh hotel on 5th Avenue…

Today, New York is roasting and aside from the constant smell of cooked garbage bags, the city is beautiful. I have developed an addiction to iced teas, there are vegan treats (and by treats I mean quesadillas, pancakes, mac & cheeze, mylkshakes, donuts, cupcakes and chickin nuggets ….oooh! yes! come to mamma!) and all of my favourite art galleries.

I find writing comes ever so easily walking through this City. I am constantly stopping to pull my notebook out to write down a new idea or a delicious word that I just have to use.
I wonder if you can guess which book I have written on this trip…?

Exploring new streets in new cities is essential to a creative mind.
I went to Brooklyn yesterday for the first time and had a conversation with a witch (more common than you can imagine in Brooklyn actually) He explained ideas that I had never understood before and I came away with the gift of seeing from another eyes.

As an adult, talking to strangers is one of the most important things you can do as it helps you understand people with different ideas to yourself.
Unfortunately this does not work for children, too many creeps out there.
You can always talk to strange squirrels however, I have just met this lovely squirrel in Central Park!