As seagulls go, Hemingway is pretty complex. He is often quite lonely and lost without ‘his people’ but he enjoys the surf lifestyle and parties like only a radical beach-bum can. Deep within him he hides not only a longing to be part of something but also a skills set unlike other birds. He has been highly trained in Air Sea Rescue as part of a squadron originally formed during World War II, fast-forward 70yrs and his seagull-senses are stronger than his ancestors and he knows exactly when help is needed. From eyeing up leftover pizza to spotting a life in danger, Hemingway is faster than a streak of lightening to the scene.

– His favourite season is summer and his favourite ice-cream flavour is triple toffee/honeycomb/cookie sprinkles.

#surfsup #beachbum #cowabunga #misunderstood #outsider #brave #logical #heroic